Nude in Seascape painting for sale online, "Candi".


Candi is an original oil painting on canvas and strechers available online for sale as the original oil painting, or it is also available for sale 
		online as full color printable Email download file to 20 in. is also available to buy as a full color online printable Email download file.


Original Nude Arts Painting    " Candi at the Cove"

"Candi at the Cove", Original Canadian Nude in Seascape Art Oil Painting , is a portrait in an original oil painting on canvas and stretchers,  28" wide X 22" high, is available for sale:
$1,500.00 Canadian Dollars.

My Oil Painting Computer Art Painting, "Candi" is a scene set along the West Coast of Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada, with Candi sun bathing nude.  Her Golden Retriever is,  'begging her to throw the stick again' !!

It's a natural summer scene of simple pleasures, experienced  privately.

*Also Available for sale as an online full color 20 in. printable download Email printable file.

Art Print Download Available $ 29.95 Canadian Dollars
You are Welcome to  order a 20" Email Download File,
That You can have printed on paper, or canvas!!
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Canadian Nude original Oil painting "Candi" in seascape setting portrait, with her pet, friend Golden Retriever is an original oil painting on canvas with stretchers, available for purchase .

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