Northern Pike painting for sale, "Great Northern Pike" . 

Original computer art painting of a Great Northern Pike 
	completed perspective rendering of the water predator about to strike a Dare 
	Devil fishing lure, dragging through the weeds just ahead of it,... available 
	for sale a 20 in. full color printable Email download file.

 Fishing  Art   "Great Northern Pike" Painting

Where and when I grew up as a boy ...if nothing else was working to catch a fish, if you tied a
"Dare Devil" to the end of your line, you'd get something ...and  it would probably be
a 'Great Northern Pike' this one I created as the "Great Northern Pike"
Computer Art Painting displayed above !!

"Great Northern Pike Fishing Computer Art  Painting",  is Available for sale as a 20 in.  full color 20 in. printable Email download file.

Art Print Download Available $ 29.95 Canadian Dollars
You are Welcome to  order a 20" Email Download File,
That You can have printed on paper, or canvas!!
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