Summer Log Cabin Painting for sale,   "Log Cabin in Summer Mountains".

Artist Bruce R.T. Hakli Canadian Computer Art painting Log Cabin in Summer depicts a view of a 
		Log Cabin scene at the foot of a mountain and next to a stream, with 
		dock and canoes resting on sloping lawn.

 Log Cabin Painting   "Log Cabin in Summer Mountains"

"Log Cabin in Summer Mountains", Hunting & Fishing Computer  Art painting  depicts
a view of a Log Cabin scene near the base of a mountain, next to a stream,
with boat dock and  with 2 canoes resting on the sloping lawnfor sale as
a a 20 in. full color printable Email download file.

Art Print Download Available $ 29.95 Canadian Dollars
You are Welcome to  order a 20" Email Download File,
That You can have printed on paper, or canvas!!
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