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A morning sunlit Canyon scene with a lone Kayaker afloat a clear water stream, is a computer art paonting for sale.


  Original Computer Art Painting  "Canyon Kayaking Scene"

Canadian Nude original Oil painting Candi in seascape setting portrait available as an original oil painting 
			on canvas

 Framed Watercolor "White Tail Deer"

Lisa is a computer nude art painting by Bruce Hakli that is available for sale as a printable download file.


 Computer Art "Lisa Painting"

Original Canadian Art computer art painting in portrait view of an African Male Lion: Simba to purchase on line as a printable download file.

African Male Lion "Simba"

Winter Dreams of Summer" is is a computer art rendering 
                created by Bruce R. T. Hakli b.f.a. now made available to purchase on line as a printable download file.

  Oil Painting "Winter Dreams of Summer"

African Lion Encounter is an painting created using PhotoShop that portrays an experience I had in Masai Mara, Kenya now available for purchase on my website.


i  "Male African Lion Encounter"

Evening Reverie" was created as an original  computer art nude portrait using Adobe Photo Shop  and portrays a young woman in a golden gown set against an abstract landscape
                and flowing stream, with a Blue Jay rising skyward beside her, available for sale, as a print download file.


 Computer Art "Evening Reverie"

Original Artist Hakli computer art painting of a mountain double waterfall, pouring into a 
		        small pond that flows into a larger body of water, with fallen tree trunk, as viewed from cliff above and beside
		        pine branches intervening.

Computer Art "Mountain Water Fall"

Canadian Artist Bruce R.T. Hakli Original acrylic painting on hardboard depicts a Prairie Coulee Landscape painting Early Encountert.


 Painting "Early Morning Encounter"

Original Art rendering of a an early morning view of a flooding stream cast in a rising mist.


 Computer Painting " River Run"

Tiger Surprise is an original water color painting on water colour paper, matted, and in 
			    gold colored metal frame for sale as such<br> ... or also available as a printable download file.

 Framed Watercolor "Tiger Surprise !!"

Original Art rendering of an under water scene, revealing sunken Pirate Treasure !!


i  Computer Art  "Treasure !!"

Original Artist Hakli computer nude art rendering of a nude woman standing in a bedroom scene, with sunlight pouring into her space, as she faces toward a glass table with glass vase with flower arrangement 
		        entitled Afternoon Delight


i  "Afternoon Delight", is a an original Nude Painting

Original Christmas offering Cessna Citation 750 X Christmas... Landing!


"Cessna Citation 750 X "Christmas Landing"

Original Art rendering of a Seagull to land near logs smashed against rocky outcroppings along the West Coast of Vancouver Island, BC Canada !!


i   Computer Art "West Coast Seagull"

Original Art rendering of a Seagull attempting a landing near logs smashed against rocky outcroppings along the coastline !!


i   "West Coast Seagull painting"

Original Canadian Hunting related computer art painting by Bruce R. T. Hakli of a Colt 45 'six shooter' and Winchester 1873 Carbine in Log Cabin, illuminated by an old fashioned Oil Lantern, ...available for purchase as a printable download file !!


"1873  Colt 45 / Winchester Carbine"

Original computer art rendering by Bruce R. T. Hakli of two Ballet Dancers posing before a 
			mirrored wall in a dance studio,...available for purchase as a printable download file.


  "Ballet Dancers Sketch"

This painting was a reflection on that part of my past. The fly fishing cap with favorite hooked Fly Casting lures pinned to the Hat band, the Landing net, Leather Fisherman's vest, Bamboo 
	            fly rod and Catch Basket.


  "Fly Fishing Gear "

A Fly fisherman, mid stream, water up to his knees. hollow fly line looping lazily<br> on flickering light 
			    on shadowed, crystal clear stream


"Morning Fly Fishing"

Original Canadian Oil Pinting on Canvas  Fly Fishing painting Foothills Fly Fishing.


  "Foothills Fly Fishing"

Original computer art painting of a Great Northern Pike sketch perspective rendering of the water predatorabout to strike a Dare Devil fishing lure dragging through the weeds 
		        just ahead.


  "Great Northern Pike Sketch"

Original computer art painting of a Great Northern Pike perspective rendering of the water predator about to strike a Dare Devil fishing lure, dragging through the weeds just ahead of it,... available for sale as an art print download file


  "Great Northern Pike Painting"

Artist Bruce R.T. Hakli Canadian Computer Art painting Log Cabin in Summer depicts a view of a Log Cabin scene at the foot of a mountain and next to a stream, with dock and canoes resting on sloping lawn.

"Log Cabin in Summer Mountains"


Log Cabin winterer computer art rendering of same log cabin in another season.


"Log Cabin in Winter Mountains"

Canadian Western Canadian Deer Hunting scene, depicting a Cowboy with his 30/30 Winchester 
				rifle half raised and ready, anticipating spotting game !!


Hunting Painting "Prelude to a Kill"

Canadian Hunting painting "High Hills Hunter" original oil painting,  depictsa hunting scene that displays a Cowboy with his Winchester 3030 carbine at the ready, as he climbs a hill above a lake below in the mountainous terrain, available for purchase as 
		        either the original oil painting,<br> or as a printable download file.


  Hunting Painting "High Hills Deer Hunter"

Canadian Hunting painting "Range Gear" original oil painting  depictsa pre-hunting scene that displays a saddle on a fence complete with lasso,  blanket, Winchester 3030 carbine. with a Colt 45 six shooter
		        in it's holster, as viewed against a Rocky Mountain foothills background.


Horseback-Hunting "Range Gear"


Oil Painting " Rocky Mountain Eagle"

Computer Nude Art "Summer Dream" Original computer art painting scene of a young woman walking nude in the evening along a pathway by a stream on her property,  beyond a


  Original Computer Art painting " Nude Summer Dream"

Computer art Nude Art rendering entitled Summer Girl by the Lake, by Canadian Artist Bruce R. T. Hakli available for 
		        purchase as a printable download file.


  Computer Art "Summer Girl by the Lake"

This Original Computer Nude Art rendering entitled Summer Surprise is my rendering of a sudden and surprise encounter with 
		        a nude young woman on the beach by a lake.


  Nude Art Painting, "Summer Surprise"

Original Art Painting Super Cub Aircrast on Floats.

Original Oil Painting "Piper Aircraft Super Cub on Floats"

Canadian Computer nude Art painting Waiting for Papa !! is an original Nude Art computer rendering available<br> 
		        for purchase as a printable download file


 Computer Nude Art Painting  "Waiting for Papa !!"

Canadian computer art rendering Willow Twilight derived from an original art work by Bruce R.T. Hakli, mixed media, oil and acrylic 
	            painting available now for purchase, as a printable download file.


Computer Art "Willow Twilight"

The paintings for sale by Canadian artist, painter Bruce R. T. Hakli (b.f.a.) displayed, whether Oil, Acrylic Paintings or Computer Art, may be purchased directly from the artist as Original Art Paintings created on traditional canvas, on hardboard, or as a Full Color Printable Download Files.

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