Original Angel Nude Art painting for sale, "Angel Gate Guardian".

Original Computer Art painting by Canadian Artist Bruce R.T. Hakli, 'Gate Guardian' poster depicts a nude Angel standing behind the gateway,
		guarding the open golden gateway before transition, available for sale as an Emailed Online, full color printable download file.

 Nude Angel Art Painting     "Angel Gate Guardian"

"Angel Gate Guardian", is a Nude Angel Artwork for Sale by Canadian Artist
Bruce R. T. Hakli, that depicts an Angel standing, sword in hand,
guarding the open golden gateway.

* Also available for sale as an Emailed
Printable download file.

Art Print Download Available $ 29.95 Canadian Dollars
You are Welcome to  order a 20" Email Download File,
You can have printed on paper, or canvas !!
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To contact me: bruce@artisthakli.com

(250) 769-0225

Commissions Welcome !


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  by Bruce R.T. Hakli (b.f.a.) All rights reserved.